Sales Costs vs. Marketing Costs

If you believe your sales team is under-performing or is costing you too much than this may be the most important takeaway I can give you: Read this link! Inbound Marketing Lead Generation

On my workshops with Cisco and HP partners many times the business owners would state concerns about their sales team (they all complained about their Sales Managers!). Look, I’ve been there, the way I built my business in the late 90’s was by cold calling. Today its harder due to the reality of caller id, spam filters; you name it we can hide from the annoying cold call. What’s even more relevant is that when I used to make a cold call and I did reach a decision maker I could add lots of value by teaching the ins and outs of technology – I could add value, qualify and set the appointment. Well, today, there’s all the information available right at their fingertips and its called Google.  The name of the game and the only metric I ever needed to focus on is the number of Qualified Appointments or Leads. And that game is now more difficult and more expensive.

My advice is to take a good look at how you’re allocating your sales and marketing resources. and think about restructuring.

Do you see any similarities in your business compared to the example of the pool business? What has worked and what hasn’t?

Channel sales

Restructure Sales Resources

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